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  Police Department should be empowered enough to carry out operations without the assistance of Military and para-Military forces: Dr. Shoaib Suddle
Islamabad, March 29: "Pakistani police should be enabled to conduct large scale operations such as the one in Karachi without the help of the military or para-military forces." .................Details

  Doctrine of Necessity must define Foreign Policy: Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed
Islamabad, March 28; Foreign Policy of each country is defined by its interests and Pakistan must also follow this. Pakistan has a crucial role to play in stabilizing Afghanistan. The establishment has shifted in its policy towards Afghanistan and now firmly believes that 'Afghanistan's enemy is our enemy, said Senator Mushahid Hussain (ICT, PML) Former Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Defence, while addressing the 6th batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan. He was speaking on the subject of US Security interest in South Asia and Pak-US Relations................Details

  YPP 6th batch Farwell & Certificate Distribution Ceremony addressed by Omar Ayub Khan, MNA
March 27, Islamabad; Addressing the MYPs at the Farewell and Certificate Distribution Ceremony for the 6th batch, Honourable Mr. Omar Ayub Khan, MNA (NA-19, Haripur, KP, PML-N), Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance & Revenue, said that politics for the sake of politics can not improve the country's economy which is critical for obtaining sovereignty.. ...............Details

  Young Parliamentarians Forum honours Youth Parliament Pakistan Standing Committee on Education & Youth Affairs
Islamabad, March 26; As a reward for their outstanding performance for the first cycle reports, the Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Education & Youth Affairs was honoured today by the National Assembly of Pakistan's Young Parliamentarians Forum (YPF). ...............Details

  5th & last Session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan 2014-2015 kicks off today
Islamabad, March 25; The 5th and last Session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan began today from March 25-29, 2015.............Details

  Youth Parliament Pakistan Study Visit to UK & Denmark successfully concluded
In a feedback session upon conclusion of the Study Visit, participants believed the visit helped them understand new perspectives of politics & democracy looking at the models in both UK and Denmark. They also believed that Denmark has one of the best social welfare and tax systems in the world which offers good practices for Pakistan to consider............Details

  Pakistan Delegation completes Study Visit with a Focus on Local Governance and Local Democracy
Copenhagen, February 27: The Pakistan Delegation concluded a 4-day Study Visit to Copenhagen by focusing on the system of local governance and democracy in Denmark. The day included visiting a public school and interacting with teachers and students, visit and interaction with Hvidovre municipality mayor, interaction with an upcoming political party and understanding the local government system............Details

  Youth Delegation Interacts with the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs and Youth Political Wings
Copenhagen, February 26; The Youth delegation visiting Copenhagen on a Study Visit spent the 3rd day in interactions with the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs and the Youth Political Wings............Details

  Pakistan Delegation Interacts with Danish MPs and Committees at the Folketing
Copenhagen, February 25; The Pakistan delegation spent the day interacting with the Danish MPs and Committee Chairs at the Folketing - the Danish Parliament, focusing on the Parliamentary system, Committee system and interacting especially with the Chairs of the Danish Foreign Affairs, Climate, Energy and Building and the Finance Committees, among others..............Details

  Pakistan Delegation kick-starts Study Visit in Copenhagen with Briefings on Danish Democracy and Electoral System
Copenhagen, February 24; Pakistan delegation consisting Members of National Assembly and the Youth Parliament Pakistan began the Study Visit in Copenhagen, Denmark with briefings on the development of the Danish political system, Danish democracy and the Danish electoral system...............Details

  Pakistan Delegation visits the British Parliament
London; February 23; A Delegation of 5 Members of Youth Parliament Pakistan alongside 2 Members of the National Assembly of Pakistan visited the British Parliament today as a part of the Study Visit to the UK and Denmark.............Details

  Members of Youth Parliament Depart for UK and Denmark to Study Democratic Society Building
Islamabad, February 23: A delegation of 6 Members of Youth Parliament Pakistan alongside 2 Members of the National Assembly of Pakistan has departed for Study Visit to UK and Denmark................Details

  Youth Parliament Urges Political Parties to hold regular Internal Elections
Islamabad, January 23; Youth Parliament Pakistan has urged all Pakistani political parties to hold regular intra party elections to pave way for internal democracy in parties..............Details

  Chief Minister of Balochistan, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch and Chairman Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, SardarAwais Ahmed Khan Leghari address Youth Parliament Pakistan
Islamabad, January 22; The Chief Minister of Balochistan, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch, MPA (PB-48 Kech-I, Balochistan) addressed the Youth Parliament on “Developments in Balochistan-Security & Education”. Dr. Balochsaid that the current Government of Balochistan has formed a two-prongedpolitical and economic strategy, as both are inter relatedand can help in the development of the province............Details

  Youth Parliamentarians urged the Government to resolve the ongoing petroleum crisis on urgent basis
Islamabad, January 21; The third day of the 6th Youth parliament Pakistan started with the Calling Attention Notice on the ongoing shortage of petrol prevailing in the country..............Details

  The country needs to exploit its vast reservoirs expeditiously to put an end to the prevailing energy crisis: Khawaja Muhammad Naeem
Islamabad, January 20; Khawaja Muhammad Naeem Member, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) addressed the Youth Parliament Session on "Pakistan's Energy Futures: NEPRA's role in managing National Energy Crisis"..............Details

  Fourth Session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan begins today
Islamabad, January 19; The Fourth Session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan began today. The Session will span over January 19-23, 2015 in Islamabad, Pakistan.............Details

  Youth Parliament Standing Committees Present Youth Policy Alternatives
Islamabad, October 28; Five Standing Committees of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan unveiled youth policy alternatives on National Internal Security Policy 2014, Tax Reforms in Pakistan, Status of Religious Minorities Pakistan, Trade Relations with India: NDMA, Challenges, Way Forward and Implications and Madrassa Education in Pakistan............Details

  6th Youth Parliament calls on Honourable Speaker National Assembly
Islamabad, October 27; Members of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan called on the Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, MNA, at the Parliament House today...........Details

  Pakistan should consider compulsory voting: Senator Javed Jabbar
Islamabad, October 26; Former Senator Javed Jabbar said that Pakistan should adopt a system of compulsory voting............Details

  Youth Standing Committees on Education & Youth Affairs and Law, Justice & Human Rights Present their Reports
Islamabad, October 25; Two Standing Committees of the Youth Parliament presented their policy review reports to the House today...........Details

  6th Youth Parliament discusses Electoral Reforms
Islamabad, October 24; Third session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan began by discussing required electoral reforms in Pakistan. Mr. Irshad Ahmed (YP53-SINDH06), Mr. Waqas Ishtiaq (YP46-PUNJAB27) and Mr. Javaid Ali Manwa (YP09-GB01) presented a resolution that electoral representation should be proportionate to the number of popular votes polled in favour of political parties in any election, where the number of seats won should correspond to a party's polling percentage. For that purpose it was suggested that Turkish Model should be adopted as Turkey has entered a period of stability despite an unfavourable civil-military environment. By unanimous decision, the resolution was passed..........Details

  6th Youth Parliament Passes Bill to Facilitate Participation of Transgender Community in Mainstream Politics
Islamabad, August 10; The fifth day of the second session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan concluded with passage of the bill to facilitate participation of transgender community in mainstream politics........Details

  6th Youth Parliament Pakistan Debates on National Security Policy: Police Reforms and Safe Recovery of Missing Persons by the Government of Pakistan
Islamabad, August 09; On the fourth day of the second session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan, Ms. Ayesha Siddique Khan (YP28-PUNJAB09), Mr.Abdul Haseeb (YP20-PUNJAB01) and Mr. Muhammad Shahzar Illahi (YP56-SINDH09) presented a report stressing the need of introducing policy reforms for Police. It was agreed that there is a dire need of administrative restructuring in the Police Department to ensure accountability and rule of law in Pakistan. It was mentioned that there should be no political interference and no political appointments in the Police Department, so that the Department functions in an effective and neutral manner. The issues of low wages and benefits for police personnel, as well as measures to ensure the proper use of resources, were also discussed in the House.......Details

  National Security Division tasked with bridging gaps between Civil and Military administration: Muhammad Sadiq Khan, Secretary National Security Division
Islamabad, August 08; The newly-formed National Security Division is tasked with bridging gaps between Civil and Military administration, said Mr. Muhammad Sadiq Khan, Secretary National Security Division while addressing the Youth Parliament Pakistan......Details

  Members of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan Visit National Assembly of Pakistan
Islamabad, August 07; Members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan visited the Parliament House today to witness the proceedings of the ongoing session of the National Assembly of Pakistan.........Details

  Youth Parliament Standing Committees Present Progress Reports on Reviews of National Policies
Islamabad, August 06; The Youth Parliament Standing Committees on National Security; Foreign Affairs; Finance, Economic Affairs & Planning; Education & Youth Affairs; Law, Justice & Human Rights and Energy presented progress reports on their ongoing reviews of national policies on the first day of the second session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan....... Details

  Youth Cabinet 2014 takes Oath; Youth Parliament Standing Committees Develop Plans of Action for the Parliamentary Year
Islamabad, June 27: The concluding day of the first session of the 6thYouth Parliament Pakistan (2014) saw Youth Prime Minister announcing the Youth Cabinet................Details

  6th Youth Parliament Pakistan Launched
Youth Parliament an ideal Forum to understand and accept ethnicities, language and cultures of all Pakistanis
Islamabad, June 26; Youth Parliament provides an ideal forum to learn and accept that there exist different prisms, ethnicities, language and cultures in Pakistan. ............... Details

  Discrepancy between Accumulated Revenue and Government's Expenditure is one of the Reasons of Failure of meeting the Fiscal Targets of Successive Governments: Mr. Nohman Ishtiaq, Management Consultant with Ministry of Finance
Islamabad, June 25; Budget deficit due to discrepancy between accumulated revenue and Government's expenditure is one of the reasons of failure of meeting the set fiscal targets of successive Governments, said Mr. Nohman Ishtiaq, on the third day of the inaugural session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan (2014)..........Details

  6th Youth Parliament Pakistan (2014) Meets for its Inaugural Session
Islamabad, June 24; The inaugural session of 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan 2014, began this Monday and will continue over the course of five days until June 27, 2014...........Details
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