Youth Parliamentarians urged the Government to resolve the ongoing petroleum crisis on urgent basis
Islamabad, January 21; The third day of the 6th Youth parliament Pakistan started with the Calling Attention Notice on the ongoing shortage of petrol prevailing in the country. The Calling Attention Notice was put forward by Syed Tassawur Mehdi Kazmi (YP10-GB02), Mr. Irshad Ahmed (YP53-SINDH06), Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan (YP17-KP05), Ms. Shazia Batool Hazara (YP06-Balochistan04) and Mr. Ramiz Ali Malik (YP58-SINDH11) respectively. The MYPs called upon the Government to pay attention on the prevailing fuel shortage and should formulate a policy to curb the crisis on priority basis.
All resolutions presented in the House were adopted unanimously. Important discussions were held today on effective means to counter terrorism including Madrassa System, poverty reduction and controlling media sensationalism in the country.
Some of the members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan highlighted the possible reforms to be introduced in the educational system. The House was of the opinion that a public-private partnership should be adopted in order to uplift the educational system of Pakistan. They also suggested that the Government should implement Article 25-A of the Constitution of Pakistan in its true spirit in order to ensure quality education to the school going children in Pakistan. In addition to this, a Bill was laid before the House on "Mandatory Civic and Political Education Act 2014".
Moreover, the members of the Youth Parliament strongly condemned the publishing of offensive caricatures in the wake of the recent Charlie Hebdo attack in France. The MYPs were of the opinion that freedom of expression should not be permitted to offend or threaten any religion, race or group by any means.
Later, the Danish Ambassador to Pakistan, H.E. Jesper Moller Sorensen addressed the Youth Parliamentarians. He reiterated that both the Governments have worked closely on promoting peace and development assistance in Pakistan. The Honourable Ambassador expressed Denmark’s willingness to help Pakistan in the trade and energy sector.
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