Discrepancy between Accumulated Revenue and Government's Expenditure is one of the Reasons of Failure of meeting the Fiscal Targets of Successive Governments: Mr. Nohman Ishtiaq, Management Consultant with Ministry of Finance
Islamabad, June 25; Budget deficit due to discrepancy between accumulated revenue and Government's expenditure is one of the reasons of failure of meeting the set fiscal targets of successive Governments, said Mr. Nohman Ishtiaq, on the third day of the inaugural session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan (2014).

Mr. Nohman Ishtiaq, Management Consultant with the Ministry of Finance, gaveMembers of the Youth Parliament Pakistan an informative presentation regarding budget and its aspects like budget in brief, annual budget statement and estimates of the foreign investment. He shed light on the role of Parliament in budget scrutinyand accountability of elected Governments in overseeing performance and commitment in achieving the targets outlined in the budget.

He stated that due to article 84 of the Constitution, Government is the sole entity in determining the direction of budget which makes the budget less immune to public scrutiny hence giving Government a free hand.

In the penultimate section of his presentation, Mr. Ishtiaq briefly analyzed the Federal Budget 2014-2015 presented by the incumbent Government of Pakistan and shared facts and figures about the current percentage of the GDP, Annual Investment Rate, Annual Revenue Accumulation and the prospects of a steady rise of national GDP. Identifying the causes of a shallow economy of Pakistan, he maintained that the primary reason which international agencies and financial institutions have identified about the failure of Pakistan to meet the fiscal targets and budgetary goals stem out of corruption, mismanagement of resources and bad governance only to be followed by poor security and law and order situation of the country.



Following the adjournment of the plenary session, the MYP sheld political party meetings. The Blue party after a general and subsequentrun-off election selected Mr. Aqeel Ahmed (YP14-KP02)as the leader of the blue party while Mr. Muhammad Shahzar Illahi (YP56-SINDH09) emerged as the leader of the green party. Ms. Filza Marri (YP52-SINDH05) from the Blue party after general and runoff election was elected as Blue party contender for the post of Deputy Speaker Youth Parliament.

The 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan is supported by the Danish International Development Agency, Government of Denmark.

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