6th Youth Parliament Pakistan Debates on National Security Policy: Police Reforms and Safe Recovery of Missing Persons by the Government of Pakistan


Islamabad, August 09, 2014; On the fourth day of the second session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan, Ms. Ayesha Siddique Khan (YP28-PUNJAB09), Mr. Abdul Haseeb (YP20-PUNJAB01) and Mr. Muhammad Shahzar Illahi (YP56-SINDH09) presented a report stressing the need of introducing policy reforms for Police. It was agreed that there is a dire need of administrative restructuring in the Police Department to ensure accountability and rule of law in Pakistan. It was mentioned that there should be no political interference and no political appointments in the Police Department, so that the Department functions in an effective and neutral manner. The issues of low wages and benefits for police personnel, as well as measures to ensure the proper use of resources, were also discussed in the House.


Later, a resolution was moved by Mr. Jahanzeb Baloch (YP05-BALOCHISTAN03), Mr. Mazhar Qaisrani (YP37-PUNJAB18), Ms. Ayesha Siddique Khan (YP28-PUNJAB09), Ms. Shazia Batool Hazara (YP06-BALOCHISTAN04) and >Mr. Ajab Khan (YP03-BALOCHISTAN01) on the issue of missing persons in Balochistan. Ms. Shazia Batool Hazara (YP06-BALOCHISTAN04), stated that the issue of missing persons should be sincerely owned by all the provinces not just by Balochistan. She emphasized that the Government should take serious steps to ensure the recovery of the missing persons.

While participating in the discussion, Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Muhammad Shahzar Ilahi (YP56-SINDH09) mentioned that along with the alleged state institutions, non-state actors and foreign elements should also be blamed for the growing insurgency in Balochistan.

The Prime Minister of Youth Parliament Pakistan Mr. Aqeel Ahmad (YP14-KP02) concluded the discussion by stating that people of Balochistan have been marginalized and discriminated for a long period and it is high time that government should take practical measures to resolve the problems of Balochistan.


The plenary session was adjourned till 1000 Hrs, August 10.

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