6th Youth Parliament Passes Bill to Facilitate Participation of Transgender Community in Mainstream Politics


Islamabad, August 10, 2014; The fifth day of the second session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan concluded with passage of the bill to facilitate participation of transgender community in mainstream politics.



Mr. Malik Muhammad Danish (YP29-PUNJAB10) presented the bill in the House to encourage the transgender community to actively participate in the political process by contesting election. He suggested that the transgender community should be allocated at least two seats in the Parliament.

A calling attention notice was moved by Mr. Abdul Haseeb (YP20-PUNJAB01) about the imposition of article 245 in the federal capital. The Youth Prime Minister, Mr. Aqeel Ahmad (YP14-KP02), while responding to the calling attention notice maintained that the recent step taken by the Government of Pakistan to impose Article 245 in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) was condemnable.

A resolution was also moved by Ms. Rahy Farooq (YP11-ICT01) and Mr. Zain Ul Hassan (YP47-PUNJAB28) about introducing structural reforms in power sector. They suggested that instead of complete privatization, government should introduce a public and private ownership scheme of key state owned institutions. While taking part in the discussion, Mr. Zain ul Hassan (YP47-PUNJAB28) stressed on the need of introducing mechanisms for energy production and maximum energy conservation. He also suggested that the Government apart from introducing reforms should opt for alternate energy sources like hydeland renewable energy. There was a general consensus that the issue of energy security deserves as much attention as that of terrorism. It was concluded that major restructuring is vital in the power sector so as to make it an efficient and accountable institution.


Ms. Amina Sheikh (YP24-PUNJAB05), Ms. Anum Tariq Khan (YP27-PUNJAB08), Mr. Moazzam Habib (YP38-PUNJAB19), Ms. Amna Saeed (YP25-PUNJAB06), Mr. Hassan Masood (YP31-PUNJAB12) and Mr. Ehtisham ul Haq (YP15-KP03), tabled a resolution on bringing policy regulations in the PEMRA. The movers of the resolution opined that the right to access to information and freedom of expression are basic components of democracy but at the same time, media should also thoughtfully consider cultural and social values of Pakistan.


The session was prorogued sine die.

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