Youth Parliament Urges Political Parties to hold regular Internal Elections
Islamabad, January 23; Youth Parliament Pakistan has urged all Pakistani political parties to hold regular intra party elections to pave way for internal democracy in parties.

The fifth and last day of the 4th session of the Youth Parliament Pakistan started with a resolution stressing that each political party should hold intra-party elections. The House was of the opinion that intra-party elections are vital as these promote democratic culture among parties. The resolution was tabled by Mr. Muhammad Shahzar Ilahi (YP56-SINDH09) and Mr. Darya Khan Pahore (YP51-SINDH04) and was unanimously adopted by the House.

The YPP also demanded of the Government to urgently hold census across Pakistan. The resolution, unanimously adopted by the House, asked the Government conduct seventh census in the country in order to cope with various issues of planning including conduct of elections. The resolution was moved by Mr. Asmatullah Asmi (YP04-BALOCHISTAN02), Mr. Jahanzeb Baloch (YP05-BALOCHISTAN), Mr. Irshad Ahmad (YP53-SINDH06) and Mr. Ajab Khan (YP03-BALOCHISTAN01).

The Youth Parliament also debated the need for the Government to put in place an urgent and comprehensive strategy to battle and root out insurgency. The resolution to debate this was moved by Mr. Naveed ur Rehman Anwar (YP18-KP06), Mr. Ehtisham ul Haq (YP15-KP03) and Mr. Ibrahim Khan (YP17-KP05).
Another resolution demanded the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) to ensure basic facilities, up-to-date syllabus, technologically advanced laboratories and proficient faculty to the universities. The resolution was put forward by Mr. Ehtisham ul Haq (YP15-KP03), Ms. Anum Tariq Khan (YP27-PUNJAB08), Mr. Hassan Masood (YP31-PUNJAB12) and Mr. Naveed ur Rehman Anwar (YP18-KP06).
The session was prorogued sine die.
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