YPP 6th batch Farwell & Certificate Distribution Ceremony addressed by Omar Ayub Khan, MNA

i. Sovereignty of a country is based on strong economy; engage in politics for strengthening economy, Omar Ayub Khan advises MYPs

ii. Military court is the need of hour however it might inadvertently undermine the authority of civilian institutions: Mr. Saleem Safi

March 27, Islamabad; Addressing the MYPs at the Farewell and Certificate Distribution Ceremony for the 6th batch, Honourable Mr. Omar Ayub Khan, MNA (NA-19, Haripur, KP, PML-N), Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance & Revenue, said that politics for the sake of politics can not improve the country’s economy which is critical for obtaining sovereignty. He advised MYPs to focus on economic development of Pakistan by using politics as the route for it. He said too much focus on politics alone, without focusing on business and economy, hurts the country’s potential.


Certificates were distributed among the outgoing 6th batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan. Parliamentarians who joined the farewell and certificate distribution ceremony today included: Honourable Mr. Omar Ayub Khan, MNA (NA-19, Haripur, KP, PML-N), Honourable Ms. Maiza Hameed, MNA (NA-290, WR, Punjab- XVIII, Punjab, PML-N), Honourable Ms. Romina Khurshid Alam, MNA (NA-295, WR, Punjab- XXIII, PML-N) and Honourable Mrs. Nafeesa Inayatullah Khattak, MNA, (NA-322, Women KP – I, PTI). Member of the Steering Committee, Dr. Talib Hussain Sial was also part of the ceremony.


Mr Omar Ayub Khan also appreciated the efforts of PILDAT in providing a platform for the youth of Pakistan and to educate them on politics and democracy.


Earlier today, addressing the Youth Parliament Pakistan, Mr. Saleem Safi, Senior Journalist/Anchor said that the strategic position of Pakistan has rendered it as a security state. Over the course of our national history, due to frequent military interventions, civil institutions could not attain stability. This means that whenever Pakistan is in state of emergency, the Government of the day look up to the military for providing solutions. The establishment of Military courts is to accelerate the criminal justice system. He also maintained that whereas on the one hand, the establishment of military courts shows lack of trust in civilian institutions it should not be forgotten that at this point in our national history these courts are needed.


Answering one question regarding what should be Pakistan’s foreign policy trend towards Afghanistan, he remarked that the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan should be similar to the relationship between China and Pakistan where China has adopted the policy of cooperation and engagement without dictation and interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan.


The 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan (2014-2015) is supported by the Danish International Development Agency, Government of Denmark.

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