6th YPP 2014
List of Punjab Members


Constituency Name Gender

Area / Province

1 YP20-PUNJAB01 Abdul Haseeb Male Punjab Blue
2 YP21-PUNJAB02 Abdul Majeed Male Punjab Blue
3 YP22-PUNJAB03 Ali Izhar Bajwa Male Punjab Blue
4 YP23-PUNJAB04 Ali Raza Male Punjab Blue
5 YP24-PUNJAB05 Amina Sheikh Female Punjab Blue
6 YP25-PUNJAB06 Amna Saeed Female Punjab Blue
7 YP26-PUNJAB07 Anoosha Shaigan Female Punjab Blue
8 YP27-PUNJAB08 Anum Tariq khan Female Punjab Blue
9 YP28-PUNJAB09 Ayesha Siddique Khan Female Punjab Blue
10 YP29-PUNJAB10 Malik Muhammad Danish Male Punjab Green
11 YP30-PUNJAB11 Faisal Saleh Yaqub Male Punjab Blue
12 YP31-PUNJAB12 Hassan Masood Male Punjab Blue
13 YP33-PUNJAB14 Junaid Iqbal Male Punjab Green
14 YP34-PUNJAB15 Malik Muhammad Wali Awan Male Punjab Blue
15 YP35-PUNJAB16 Maria Malik Female Punjab Blue
16 YP36-PUNJAB17 Mashal Mushtaq Female Punjab Blue
17 YP37-PUNJAB18 Mazhar Hussain Male Punjab Blue
18 YP38-PUNJAB19 Moazzam Habib Male Punjab Blue
19 YP39-PUNJAB20 Mohsin Tanveer Male Punjab Blue
20 YP40-PUNJAB21 Musirah Farrukh Female Punjab Blue
21 YP41-PUNJAB22 Saffi Hussam Male Punjab Green
22 YP42-PUNJAB23 Sammiya Mujtaba Female Punjab Green
23 YP43-PUNJAB24 Sheikh Shoaib Khalid Male Punjab Blue
24 YP45-PUNJAB26 Urwah Khan Shirwani Male Punjab Blue
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