6th Youth Parliament discusses Electoral Reforms


Islamabad, October 24; Third session of the 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan began by discussing required electoral reforms in Pakistan.


Mr. Irshad Ahmed (YP53-SINDH06), Mr. Waqas Ishtiaq (YP46-PUNJAB27) and Mr. Javaid Ali Manwa (YP09-GB01) presented a resolution that electoral representation should be proportionate to the number of popular votes polled in favour of political parties in any election, where the number of seats won should correspond to a party's polling percentage. For that purpose it was suggested that Turkish Model should be adopted as Turkey has entered a period of stability despite an unfavourable civil-military environment. By unanimous decision, the resolution was passed.

Ms. Maria Malik (YP35-PUNJAB16) moved a resolution that a'single official process', for the management and resolution of pre and post electoral complaints by the citizens and candidates, regarding different phases and aspects of the electoral process, should be adopted by the Election Commission of Pakistan. The House was in favour of the resolution.


Mr. Ali Shan Khan (YP13-KP01) presented a resolution in favour of instituting a knowledge-based -economy in Pakistan. He was of the view that government funded scholarships should be institutionalized to give legitimate entrepreneurship opportunities to every extraordinary idea. The members of the Blue Party said that these types of projects are already being implemented by the Punjab Government. It was agreed that similar projects need to be implemented in the country. After a lively debate, the resolution was passed by the House.


Mr. Ehtisham Ul Haq (YP15-KP03) and Mr. Moazzam Habib (YP38-PUNJAB19) tabled a resolution condemning the practice of Swara and is an obstacle in women empowerment in Pakistan. The discussants in the House agreed that this problem is embedded in society and rampant despite laws against the practice. It was recognized that it would be difficult to get the factions in society that approve and practice child marriage as a method of conflict resolution and the country's policymakers in the same room to have a discussion about the issue. It was agreed that child marriages need to be abolished according to the rule and letter of the law, as it impinges on the freedom of non-consenting children. The resolution was unanimously adopted.


The session was adjourned till 1030 Hrs, October 25.

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