Youth Standing Committees on Education & Youth Affairs and Law, Justice & Human Rights Present their Reports


Islamabad, October 25; Two Standing Committees of the Youth Parliament presented their policy review reports to the House today.


The report presented by the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human rights, Ms. Maria Malik (YP35-PUNJAB16) on the "Status of Religious Minorities in Pakistan" stated the extent to which the existing laws and policies originally made for the security of the status of religious minorities were effective. Suggestions such as representation of all religious minorities to be increased in the Parliament, an increase in the fixed quota for religious minorities in the civil military services of Pakistan, and a system of separate electorate to be re-instated were made in order to transform the society into a pluralistic one. The presentation was met with approval from the House adding that all citizens should have equal opportunities.


The report presented by the Chairperson of Standing Committee on Education and Youth Affairs, Ms. Mizhghan Mehboob Kirmani (YP54-SINDH07) on "MadrassaEducation 2014" proposed to offer reforms to the educational challenges of the system of madrassa education. Further short term and long term initiatives that can be undertaken in order to bridge the gaps in the education systems at local and grassroots level were discussed. The findings of the report were lauded in the House: it was agreed that madrassa and mainstream education systems should coexist and not pose as a threat to society or each other.

In other business in the House, Mr. Sohaib Saeed (YP02-AJK02) and Ms. Rahy Farooq (YP11-ICT01) presented a resolution regarding the Ebola virus epidemic that recently took 4,900 precious human lives in Africa and around the world. As this virus spreads by means of Human Secretions (Sweat, Blood, Saliva, etc.) Pakistan is also at stake as the world has become a Global Village. It was suggested that the Ministry of Health should ensure that the citizens of Pakistan stay safe from this virus and should design fail proof systems such as border checks and awareness programmes. The resolution was adopted.


Ms. Mizhgan Mehboob Kirmani (YP54-SINDH07) presented a resolution to offer reforms to the main educational system. The House was of the view that subjects like Political Science, Law, Comparative Religion and Human Rights should be introduced in the national curriculum in the primary and secondary stages of schooling. Such reforms will help integrate values of tolerance, enhance women empowerment and increase awareness among the younger generation about basic human rights. The House was in favour of the resolution.


The session was adjourned till 0900 Hrs, October 26.

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