Doctrine of Necessity must define Foreign Policy: Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed

Islamabad, March 28; Foreign Policy of each country is defined by its interests and Pakistan must also follow this. Pakistan has a crucial role to play in stabilizing Afghanistan. The establishment has shifted in its policy towards Afghanistan and now firmly believes that 'Afghanistan's enemy is our enemy, said Senator Mushahid Hussain (ICT, PML) Former Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Defence, while addressing the 6th batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan. He was speaking on the subject of US Security interest in South Asia and Pak-US Relations.

According to Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed there has been a major change in the power structure of Pakistan that now consists of an independent judiciary, a powerful media and a diligent civil society with active youth participation.

Highlighting the importance of Pak-US relations he reiterated that there are three aspects through which the relations can be seen:

i. The Shift in Balance of Power from West to East; this is the Asian century
ii. Geographical importance of Pakistan vis-à-vis Afghanistan and Central Asian countries.
iii. Pakistan has the most crucial role to play in order to stabilise Afghanistan

Explaining Pakistan-US Relations further, Senator Sayed said that relations have been boosted after the establishment's change in its policy towards Afghanistan. Soon after the resumption of NATO supply decision in 2011, Parliament of Pakistan, for the first time decided the terms of engagement with America.

Discussing the political situation of Pakistan, Senator Mushahid believed that a political ceasefire should be carried out within the political parties on five following issues, so that the citizens do not suffer from the emerging day-to-day differences among political parties.


i. Extremism
ii. Education
iii. Environment
iv. Energy
v. Economy


Senator Mushahid Hussain appreciated the role of PILDAT and said that the Organisation has been working as a partner in Parliament since years.

Later today, Honourable Mr. Omar Ayub Khan, MNA (NA-19, Haripur, PML-N), Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance & Revenue, appeared as the Guest Speaker at a Feedback Session on the Youth Parliament Pakistan Study Visit to UK & Denmark.

The Members of Youth Parliament Pakistan that had accompanied him on the Study Visit to UK and Denmark from February 23-27, 2015 shared their experiences and learning from the visit with the House. The strong democratic culture, grounded in history and strong institutions in both countries visited, was discussed. The love for democracy witnessed within various sections of Danish society was particularly applauded.

Mr. Omar Ayub Khan congratulated, MYPs Delegates saying that they had done an excellent job of representing the youth of Pakistan on an international level. He said that though much can be learned from the Danish and British models for democracy, it should be understood that they have not had to face difficulties in a regional context as Pakistan has. Pakistan and democracy in Pakistan are hence stronger and more resilient.

Earlier today, the Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Finance, Economic Affairs & Planning and Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs presented their reports in the House. The Finance Committee Report focuses on developing human and social capital, achieving sustained indigenous and inclusive growth, Macroeconomic Framework Productivity Growth Governance, Institutional Reforms & Modernisation of the Public Sector. The Foreign Affairs Committee Report believes that terrorism has served as both as a point of cooperation as well as a point of divergence; which needs to be followed up through a coordinated policy in order to wipe out the menace of terrorism from the region. The report further emphasizes that America should respect the sovereignty of Pakistan, in order to gain maximum cooperation in dealing with terrorism successfully.


The 6th Youth Parliament Pakistan (2014-2015) is supported by the Danish International Development Agency, Government of Denmark.

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