6th YPP 2014
List of Sindh Members


Constituency Name Gender

Area / Province

1 YP47-PUNJAB28 Zain Ul Hassan Male Sindh Blue
2 YP48-SINDH01 Sameer Ali Domki Male Sindh Blue
3 YP49-SINDH02 Ayaz Ahmed Tareen Male Sindh Blue
4 YP50-SINDH03 Daniyal Alvi Male Sindh Blue
5 YP51-SINDH04 Darya Khan Pahore Male Sindh Green
6 YP52-SINDH05 Filza Marri Female Sindh Blue
7 YP53-SINDH06 Irshad Ahmed Male Sindh Blue
8 YP54-SINDH07 Mizghan Mehboob Kirmani Female Sindh Green
9 YP55-SINDH08 Muhammad Furqan Khan Male Sindh Blue
10 YP56-SINDH09 Muhammad Shahzar Ilahi Male Sindh Green
11 YP57-SINDH10 Muhammad Younis Bhatti Male Sindh Blue
12 YP58-SINDH11 Ramiz Ali Malik Male Sindh Blue
13 YP59-SINDH12 Suneel Parwani Male Sindh Green
14 YP60-SINDH13 Syed Muhammad Modassar Shahid Male Sindh Green
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