6th YPP 2014
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Sammiya Mujtaba
Brief Profile

Sammiya Mujtaba was born on Oct 15, 1991 in Sahiwal. She received her initial education from St. Mary’s Convent High School, Sahiwal. She has won several academic excellence awards. Ms.Mujtaba started poetry at the age of 9 and her first book was selected by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing in 2010. She did her bachelors from Virtual University of Pakistan in Mass Communication and achieved 2nd position in the university. She has been a debater, student counsellor, event manager and sub-editor of ‘VU-Bytes’ for a year. Currently she is doing her Masters in Mass Communication from GCU Faislabad, Sahiwal Campus & LLB from Muhammadan Law College, Sahiwal. She intends to go for a ‘Public Policy & Management’ course after Masters. Moreover she has written several articles for ‘Daily Patriot’ & did Public Relations internship at Beaconhouse National University, Lahore.

Status in Youth Parliament

Politically, Sammiya Mujtaba is affiliated with Green Party , Member of Standing Committee on Education & Youth Affairs .

Contact Detail
Email: sammiyaroxx@hotmail.com
Participation in Legislative Business
Fourth Session

Ms. Sammiya Mujtaba (YP42-PUNJAB23) would like to move the following resolution:"This House believes that number of Judges at each level should be increased. The limitations provided under law and prescribed given time to solve cases (according to rental premises act the period given is 4 months and under family courts act it is 6 months) is being violated as there are very less judges & judicial magistrates. It is pertinent to mention that Each Civil Judge is having an average of 150 hearings in a day, which is a big hurdle in providing speedy justice."

Ms. Sammiya Mujtaba (YP42-PUNJAB23) would like to present a Private Member's Bill entitled "Mandatory Civic and Political Education Act 2014"

Fifth Session

Ms. Sammiya Mujtaba (YP42-PUNJAB23) would like to present the following resolution: "This House is of the opinion that considering the essence of the IFTA'13 "to obtain evidence in time and in accordance with law" it is evident that the law set out does not justify it as it sets out long procedure. Keeping in view the Act specifically allows this investigation in terrorism cases (scheduled offences) for "Fair Trial" this act itself is a hurdle in speedy and fair trial. Therefore, it is proposed that the Government should take into consideration that the Investigation for Free Trial is required in all cases and not only in cases of Scheduled offences. It should lay down proper procedure to dispose the material obtained during the case."

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