6th YPP 2014
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Saffi Hussam
Brief Profile

Saffi Hussam belongs from Gujranwala District of Punjab. He was born on September 7, 1989. He received his primary education in his city and then moved to Pakistan Steel Cadet College Karachi for his Secondary and Intermediate education. He represented his batch in the Admin committee of the college. Mr. Hussam has been involved in extracurricular activities since primary level which includes participation in debates and quiz competitions. Moreover, he has good presentation and communication skills and currently he is doing C.A Articles-ship training from a reputed C.A firm in Islamabad. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree with Economics, Journalism and Statistics as majors. He wishes to get higher professional qualification in his field and serve the nation. Mr. Hussam’s areas of interests include history and economic affairs.

Status in Youth Parliament

Politically, Saffi Hussam is affiliated with Green Party , Member of Standing Committee on Finance, Economic Affairs & Planning .

Contact Detail
Email: saffi2@hotmail.com
Participation in Legislative Business
Third Session

Mr. Saffi Hussam (YP41-PUNJAB22) would like to move the following resolution. "This House is of the view that Pakistan Railways should install GPS devices in their passenger trains and install screens, initially, just in five railway stations including Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar. These screens shall display in real-time, the time of arrival and departure of the trains. In addition to installation of screens, make available such timings displayed through mobile applications and on internet. The matter has also been discussed with railways' personnel and is highly appreciated. This very minor investment shall result in provision of a great service and fundamental right to the common masses all across the country. Also it shall result in manifold increase in the revenues of the Pakistan Railways."

Fourth Session

Mr. Saffi Hussam (YP41-PUNJAB22) would like to present to the House the findings and recommendations of the Special Committee for the legislative business of the Youth Parliament Pakistan particularly regarding its rules and regulations

Mr. Suneel Parwani (YP59-SINDH12), Mr. Ali Izhar Bajwa (YP22-PUNJAB03), Mr. Saffi Hussam (YP41-PUNJAB22) and Syed Tassawur Mehdi Kazmi (YP10-GB02) would like to present the following resolution:"The House strongly condemns the publishing of offensive caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The house is of the opinion that disrespecting sacred and holy personalities, idols or scriptures is extremely unacceptable, reprehensible and distasteful. The house ardently believes that freedom of expression does not warrant hate speech directed at any particular individual or community based at the expense of their venerated beliefs. It is also urged that the government should devise a policy to take this issue up in protest at all relevant international forums."

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