6th YPP 2014
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Ayesha Siddique Khan
Brief Profile

Born on February 17 1989. Barrister Ayesha Siddique Khan, belongs to the rural areas of the Rawalpindi region. She did her O’levels from OPF Girls College, A’levels from LGS Islamabad, and LLB (Hons.) from University of London (External) from TILS, Islamabad. Later she did her LLM from University of London (External) as a private candidate and did her bar at law from Lincoln’s Inn London. She has always taken keen interest in community service and has contested for leadership roles during her stay at her college. Ms. Khan enjoys international exposure as well, as she was selected in year 2009 by the US State Department as a student leader on a 5 weeks program called SUSI in the US. She aspires to bring a positive change in the country, earn respect and fight for fundamental human rights and justice as a lawyer and legislator in future and serve her country.

Status in Youth Parliament

Politically, Ayesha Siddique Khan is affiliated with Blue Party , Member of Standing Committee on National Security .

Contact Detail
Email: eishakhan2@gmail.com
Participation in Legislative Business
Second Session

Ms. Ayesha Siddique Khan (YP28-PUNJAB09), Abdul Haseeb, (YP20-PUNJAB01) Muhammad Shahzar Illahi (YP56-SINDH09) would like to present a report titled: "POLICE REFORMS: Accountability & Violence Control"

Mr. Ali Shan Khan (YP13-KP01) and Ms. Ayesha Siddique Khan (YP22-PUNJAB09) would like to move the following resolution: "This House is of the opinion that due to the Operation Zarb-e-Azab the migration of the IDP's to settled areas like Bannu; Dera Ismail Khan and Laki Marwat has become a very sensitive problem to address. Whereas the IDP's have left everything and taken refuge at the homes in Bannu and in the camps; moreover they are facing problems in collection of Rashan and water facilities.This house demands the Government of Pakistan (Federal and Provincial) both to provide relief to the IDP's at their doorsteps."

Ms. Ayesha Siddique Khan (YP28-PUNJAB09) would like to move following resolution: "This House is of the opinion that the recent mass murder of the civilian population of Gaza constitutes genocide and crimes against humanity by every definition, thus Israel being in breach of many provisions of the international law. The death toll has crossed over 600 civilian deaths, most of them being innocent children and Israel has abused the right to defense as stipulated under Article 51 of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. These House Calls for cessation of hostilities, condemnation of this aggression in strongest terms and Israel be made accountable for the breach of international law."

Mr. Jahanzeb Baloch (YP05-BALOCHISTAN03), Mr. Mazhar Hussain (YP37-PUNJAB18 ), Ms. Ayesha Siddique Khan (YP28-PUNJAB09), Ms. Shazia Batool Hazara (YP06-BALOCHISTAN04) and Mr. Ajab Khan (YP03-BALOCHISTAN01) would like to move the following resolution: "This House is of the opinion that the Government of Pakistan must ensure safe recovery of Baloch missing persons. As stated by Supreme Court of Pakistan, the evidence in many cases points towards Frontier Corps (FC) and other law enforcement agencies. The growing frustration among the people of Baluchistan demands that the problem must be solved via civilized and democratic manner."

Fifth Session

Ms. Ayesha Siddique Khan (YP28-PUNJAB09), Mr. Ali Izhar Bajwa (YP22-PUNJAB03) and Ms. Amna Saeed (YP25-PUNJAB06) would like to move the following resolution: "This House is of the view that the establishment of military courts by virtue of the 21st Amendment is in contravention to the much cherished democratic and cardinal constitutional principles, primarily the doctrine of separation of powers. There is no denying the fact that Pakistan is facing exceptional circumstances but any decisions taken in panic and as a knee jerk reaction can have grave ramifications. Hence the right discourse would be the strengthening of the Judiciary with greater protection to witnesses, prosecutors and judges so that rule of law can prevail."

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