6th YPP 2014
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Hassan Masood
Brief Profile

Hassaan Masood belongs from Dera Ghazi khan, district Punjab. Born on August 19,1990 he received his schooling from Divisional Public School, and did his Matric and FSc. from BISE Dera Ghazi Khan. After completing his 12 year of education, he entered into professional studies and got admission in Chemical Engineering in NFC-IET MULTAN. Currently he is in the final semester of engineering. Mr. Masood is a confident and ambitious individual and always takes part in debate competition since his childhood. He has keenly attended seminars related to politics and his professional studies. Hassan played his role in last year general elections, and motivated youth to be a part of electoral system. Apart from studies he is involved in photography as a hobby.

Status in Youth Parliament

Politically, Hassan Masood is affiliated with Blue Party , Member of Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights .

Contact Detail
Email: hassaan_masood@outlook.com
Participation in Legislative Business
Second Session

Ms. Amina Sheikh (YP24-PUNJAB05), Ms. Anum Tariq Khan (YP27-PUNJAB08), Mr. Moazzam Habib (YP38-PUNJAB19), Ms. Amna Saeed (YP25-PUNJAB06), Mr. Hassan Masood (YP31-PUNJAB12) and Mr. Ehtisham ul Haq (YP15-KP03) would like to move following resolution:"This House is of the opinion that freedom of expression is a fundamental right but state's sovereignty and the well being of its citizens. PEMRA should regulate the media in the best interest of Pakistan and PEMRA's appointments must be made on merit for this purpose."

Third Session

Mr. Ehtisham Ul Haq (YP15-KP03); Ms. Amina Sheikh (YP24-PUNJAB05); Mr. Moazzam Habib (YP38-PUNJAB19) and Mr. Hassaan Masood (YP31-PUNJAB12) would like to move the following resolution. "This House is of the view that child marriages should be restricted as they are most violative of the rights as very young/child girls are married to old men without their consent like SWARAA, PANCHAAYAT, or HONOUR. That being a big hindrance in women empowerment in Pakistan should be regulated by proper law."

Fourth Session

Mr. Ehtisham Ul Haq (YP15-KP03), Ms. Anum Tariq Khan (YP27-PUNJAB08), Mr. Hassaan Masood(YP31-PUNJAB12) and ?Mr. Naveed-ur-Rehman Anwar (YP18-KP06) would like to move the following resolution:"This House believes that Higher Education Commission should ensure the variables for quality education in all universities of Pakistan (Govt & Semi Govt) i.e. Technological advanced Labs, Up-to-date syllabus, basic facilities and faculty are being fulfilled efficiently by formation of a central regulation board; as all citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan have equal right to quality and standard education"

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