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Mizghan Mehboob Kirmani
Brief Profile

Ms. Mizhgan Kirmani was born on November 4, 1991 in Karachi, Pakistan. She is currently doing her Masters in International Relations from University of Karachi. She has attended several Model United Nation Conferences and also has chaired B.MUN 2012 (DISEC). In addition to that she participated as a motivational speaker at The Citizen Foundation and Dur-ul-Sukun. Also, she has worked under the educational emergency Article 25-A and attended several conferences as a guest speaker for ITA. Besides that, she has worked with the prestigious educational forum ‘Teach for Pakistan’ where she was appointed as their Program Manager for Summer Camp 2013 at IBA-Centre of Entrepreneurship. Later she served as ‘Teach for Pakistan’s Campus’ Ambassador for six months and has interned with Human Rights Commission of Pakistan on “The Agony in Balochistan.” She aspires to improve the conditions of her area through her suggestions and strategies via platform of PILDAT Youth Parliament.

Status in Youth Parliament

Politically, Mizghan Mehboob Kirmani is affiliated with Green Party , Chairperson of Standing Committee on Education & Youth Affairs .

Contact Detail
Email: mizghan-kirmani@hotmail.com
Participation in Legislative Business
Second Session

Mr. Darya Khan Pahore (YP51-SINDH04), Mr. Muhammad Shahzar Illahi (YP51-SINDH09), Mr. Ayaz Ahmed Tareen (YP49-SINDH02), Ms. Mizhgan Mehboob Kirmani (YP54-SINDH07), Ms. Rahy Farooq (YP11-ICT01), Mr. Zain Ul Hassan (YP47-PUNJAB28) and Ms. Sakina Gulab Khan (YP19-KP07) would like to move the following resolution:"The House is cognizant of the fact that effective deterrence of cyber crimes is the lifeline of any nation. These include the telecommunications infrastructure itself, our banking and financial systems, our transportation networks, emergency services, and government operations at all levels. All are necessary for economic success and national security. Hence the capacity of Government of Pakistan and FIA be enhanced to effectively prevent cyber crimes."

Third Session

Ms. Mizhgan Mehboob Kirmani (YP54-SINDH07) would like to present the following resolution: "This house is of the view that subjects like Political Science, Law, Comparative Religion and Human Rights should be introduced in the National Curriculum in the primary and secondary stages of schooling. These subjects will integrate the values of tolerances and acceptances in the young minds. These will give in rich insight with the ability to think beyond the stereotypical mindsets. The adults-to-be will have the courage to voice their opinion with facts and historical data."

Fourth Session

Ms. Mizghan Mehboob Kirmani (YP54-SINDH07) would like to draw the attention of the Honourable Youth Minister for National Security, Mr. Jahanzeb Baloch (YP05-BALOCHISTAN03) and the Honourable Chairperson Youth Parliament Standing Committee on National Security, Mr. Mozzaam Habib (YP38-PUNJAB19), on the recent Peshawar APS terrorist- attack .The Government should pay a quick attention to the over-deteriorating security conditions in Pakistan. Effective measures should be ensured.

Ms. Mizghan Mehboob Kirmani (YP54-SINDH07), Mr. Darya Khan Pahore (YP51-SINDH04) and Mr. Sohaib Saeed (YP02-AJK02) would like to move the following resolution:"This House is of the opinion that, The Government of Pakistan should frame a correct definition on "Acts of terrorism" so that the punishments and verdicts are filed in accordance to the frame work."

Ms. Mizghan Mehboob Kirmani (YP54-SINDH07), Mr. Darya Khan Pahore (YP51-SINDH04), Mr. Sohaib Saeed (YP02-AJK02) would like to move the following resolution:"This House is of the opinion that the country should manage the following to counter terrorism: Madrassa System Border Security of the four provinces Monitoring committee on the Arms and Ammunitions Reduce poverty and build more schools Control on Media cells and filtration."

Fifth Session

Ms. Mizghan Mehboob Kirmani (YP54-SINDH07) , Chairperson Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Education and Youth Affairs to present the report of the Standing Committee on Youth & Pakistani Politics, Challenges and Way Forward

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