6th YPP 2014
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Zain Ul Hassan
Brief Profile

Zain Ul Hassan belongs from Gujrat District of Punjab, Pakistan. He was born on May 11, 1993. He received his schooling from Beaconhouse School Kharian, after Matriculation (2009), he moved to Lahore, and continued education at Government College University, Lahore for Intermediate (2011). He is an Old Ravian and currently enrolled in University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore in the Mechanical Engineering department. Other than his educational achievements, he is an active social worker, and member of different local organizations including Drug Advisory Training Hub, Narcotics Campaign, Punjab AIDS Control Program, Jehaad for Zero Thalassemia, Fatmid Foundation, Shoukat Khanum Ambassador Program; NGO’s including Youth a Ray of Hope, Hope Uplift Foundation, KAFKA Welfare Org, Peace 2 Life and others. Other than social work, he is technically sound person and has memberships of many Technical Societies as well. Mr. Hasan is also a Parliamentary Speaker at UET Debating, Poet and Prose writer at UET Literacy Society.

Status in Youth Parliament

Politically, Zain Ul Hassan is affiliated with Blue Party , Secretary of Standing Committee on Energy .

Contact Detail
Email: hassanzain49@gmail.com
Participation in Legislative Business
Second Session

Mr. Darya Khan Pahore (YP51-SINDH04), Mr. Muhammad Shahzar Illahi (YP51-SINDH09), Mr. Ayaz Ahmed Tareen (YP49-SINDH02), Ms. Mizhgan Mehboob Kirmani (YP54-SINDH07), Ms. Rahy Farooq (YP11-ICT01), Mr. Zain Ul Hassan (YP47-PUNJAB28) and Ms. Sakina Gulab Khan (YP19-KP07) would like to move the following resolution:"The House is cognizant of the fact that effective deterrence of cyber crimes is the lifeline of any nation. These include the telecommunications infrastructure itself, our banking and financial systems, our transportation networks, emergency services, and government operations at all levels. All are necessary for economic success and national security. Hence the capacity of Government of Pakistan and FIA be enhanced to effectively prevent cyber crimes."

Ms. Rahy Farooq (YP11-ICT01) and Mr. Zain Ul Hassan (YP47-Punjab28) would like to move the following resolution: "This house is of the opinion that for the betterment of WAPDA, it should not be privatized. This house believes that structural reforms like proper management of electricity line theft, clearance of bills and debts especially by the government institutions will make it more docile and ease the financial position of WAPDA resulting in provision of better electricity, coping up with the power crisis and the circular debt."

Mr. Zain Ul Hassan (YP47-PUNJAB28) and Mr. Abdul Haseeb (YP20-PUNJAB01) would like to call attention of Honorable Youth Prime Minister towards the recent step taken by the government to seal the major cities and blocking the movement of civilians internally and externally. This is resulting in a drastic hindrance to basic amenities.

Mr. Ali Izhar Bajwa (YP22-PUNJAB03) and Mr. Zainul Hassan (YP47-PUNJAB28) would like to move following resolution "This House expresses its concern over the imposition of Article 245 of the Constitution in Islamabad by the Government. In the House's opinion prevalent situation in country does not demand such drastic steps. The Government should take the decision back."

Ms. Rahy Farooq (YP11-ICT01) and Mr. Zain Ul Hassan (YP47-PUNJAB28) would like to move the following resolution: "This House is of the opinion that for the betterment of power sector, it should be a mixture of public and private sector. This House believe

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