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Rahy Farooq
Brief Profile

Rahy Farooq belongs to the ICT. She was born on September 15, 1992. She received her schooling from IMCG Islamabad and after completing her FSC in 2011, she started studying medicine from the Federal Medical & Dental College, Islamabad (PIMS) and is currently a student of third year MBBS. Ms. Farooq has been awarded as the best all-rounder student for the year 2009-10 by the then Prime Minister of Pakistan. She holds the honour of being selected as the best debater to speak in the Convention Centre (2009) and the Presidency (2004, 2011). Ms. Farooq was in the national choir for PTV (2005-2011) and also the captain for the basketball team. Moreover, she has been involved in speaking at different youth forums, speaking to enhance the leadership qualities in youth and is passionate to serve the people of Pakistan by all possible means.

Status in Youth Parliament

Politically, Rahy Farooq is affiliated with Blue Party , Member of Standing Committee on Education & Youth Affairs .

Contact Detail
Email: rahyfarooq@gmail.com
Participation in Legislative Business
Second Session

Mr. Darya Khan Pahore (YP51-SINDH04), Mr. Muhammad Shahzar Illahi (YP51-SINDH09), Mr. Ayaz Ahmed Tareen (YP49-SINDH02), Ms. Mizhgan Mehboob Kirmani (YP54-SINDH07), Ms. Rahy Farooq (YP11-ICT01), Mr. Zain Ul Hassan (YP47-PUNJAB28) and Ms. Sakina Gulab Khan (YP19-KP07) would like to move the following resolution:"The House is cognizant of the fact that effective deterrence of cyber crimes is the lifeline of any nation. These include the telecommunications infrastructure itself, our banking and financial systems, our transportation networks, emergency services, and government operations at all levels. All are necessary for economic success and national security. Hence the capacity of Government of Pakistan and FIA be enhanced to effectively prevent cyber crimes."

Ms. Rahy Farooq (YP11-ICT01) and Mr. Zain Ul Hassan (YP47-Punjab28) would like to move the following resolution: "This house is of the opinion that for the betterment of WAPDA, it should not be privatized. This house believes that structural reforms like proper management of electricity line theft, clearance of bills and debts especially by the government institutions will make it more docile and ease the financial position of WAPDA resulting in provision of better electricity, coping up with the power crisis and the circular debt."

Third Session

Mr. Suneel Parwani (YP59-SINDH12); Ali Shan Khan (YP13-KP09) and Ms. Rahy Farooq (YP11-ICT01) would like to move the following resolution: "Regarding PMDC's decision on allotting 50 percent seats in medical and dental colleges for females to flout merit and discrimination against women, this House suggests government takes surety from all medical college students to work for education, instead of adopting quota system".

Mr. Sohaib Saeed (YP02-AJK02) and Ms. Rahy Farooq (YP11-ICT01) would like to present the following resolution: "This house grieves over loss of 4,900 precious human lives around the world by Ebola virus. At the same time it suggests that Ministry of Health ensures that the citizens of Pakistan stays safe from this virus hence should designs fail proof systems to avoid this virus and develop a back-up plan in case of a contamination."

Fourth Session

Ms. Mashal Mushtaq (YP36-PUNJAB17) and Ms. Rahy Farooq (YP11-ICT01) would like to move the following resolution: "This house is of the idea that reporting by the media on Peshawar attack has been indecent and against the fundamental human rights. Horrible background music and asking silly questions from the traumatized children on hospital beds for the sake of story reporting is a psychological setback. Media should play responsible and such sort of reporting needs to be strictly discouraged in future."

Ms. Rahy Farooq (YP11-ICT01) and Mr. Muhammad Furqan Khan (YP55-SINDH08) would following resolution:"This house believes that a strict action must be taken against the leakage of billions of rupees, out of the already limited budget for education, caused by the existence of 1205 ghost schools in Pakistan. The house suggests a public-private collaboration for substandard government and ghost schools inspired by the ‘teach-for-America' model to uplift the system of education."

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