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Tassawur Mehdi Kazmi
Brief Profile

Syed Tassawur Kazmi belong to Gilgit,Gilgit Baltistan. Born on October 25, 1987, he completed his Bachelor’s in Telecommunication & Networks from COMSATS University of Engineering & Technology, Abbottabad in 2011. Mr. Kazmi is currently doing his Masters leading to PhD in Project Management from COMSATS Islamabad. He is an active social & political activist, and strongly believes that tribalism, feudalism, dictatorship and bureaucratic style of governance are the major problems of Pakistan today. He is strongly interested in learning about different political systems, constitutions and the evolution of democracy in different societies. Mr. Kazmi has participated actively in various national and regional level Seminar’s on various topics & extra-curricular activities such as debates, sports, dramatics, scouting and editing of University magazine, etc throughout his academic life. Beside this, he is also serving as freelance online journalist, social media activist and an online blogger. Mr. Kazmi was also the founding member and Secretary Information of Gilgit Baltistan Students Welfare Organization and also worked as Central Secretary Education of Jafaria Students Organization Pakistan. His fields of interests include foreign, youth & interior affairs.

Status in Youth Parliament

Politically, Tassawur Mehdi Kazmi is affiliated with Blue Party , Member of Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs .

Contact Detail
Email: stmkazmi@gmail.com
Participation in Legislative Business
Third Session

Ms. Shazia Batool Hazara (YP06BALOCHISTAN04); Mr. Ajab Khan (YP03BALOCHISTAN01); Mr. Asmatullah Asmi (YP04-BALOCHISTAN02) and Mr. Syed Tasawur Kazmi (YP10-GB02) invite the attention of the Honorable Youth Minister for National Security towards the tragic incident happened in Quetta on Oct 23, 2014 in which 9 innocent Hazara fruit sellers were shot in a bus. Scores of innocent precious lives are lost as a result of sectarian violence in Balochistan. Series of shameful attacks have disturbed the lives of Hazara people very badly about 15 years. Immediate strict measures must be taken to stop the genocide of Shia Hazara people in Balochistan

Mr. Javaid Ali Manwa (YP09-GB01) and Mr. Syed Tasawur Kazmi (YP10-GB02) would like to move the following resolution: "This House appreciated and lauded the sincere efforts of the Standing Committee of Senate on Human Rights for taking notice of Human Rights violation in GB with special reference to constitutional deprivation of the people of Gilgit Baltistan for the past several decades. On behalf of people of Gilgit-Baltistan this august House thanked the Chairman, Afrasiab Khattak, and all members of the committee and showed their full support and assistance to the Senate Committee on the sensitive issue of denial of constitution rights to the people of Gilgit Baltistan since 67 years of liberation."

Fourth Session

Mr. Syed Tassawur Kazmi (YP10-GB02), Ms. Shazia Batool Hazara (YP06-BALOCHISTAN04) and Mr. Javed Ali Manwa (YP09-GB01) would like to move the following resolution:"This house expresses its deep concern over the ongoing sectarian violence and sect based Target Killings in different parts of Pakistan, particularly in Quetta, Gilgit Baltistan, Parachinar and Karachi. Government of Pakistan and the Law enforcement agencies should take solid and concrete measures to stop sectarian violence and religious extremism. We also demand targeted operations against extremist forces and the leaders of banned outfits (who are re-organizing themself with new names) in the country."

Syed Tassawur Mehdi Kazmi (YP10-GB02) and Mr. Sameer Ali Dhomki (YP48-SINDH01) would like to move the following resolution:"This House is of the opinion that the Government of Pakistan should take more practical initiative's in order to boost up the Information Technology Sector, as it could lead us to a new era of socio-economic development in the country. In order to practically implement E-Government Project, Basic IT Education & Training programs should be provided to all Government Employees "

Syed Tassawur Mehdi Kazmi (YP10-GB02), Mr. Irshad Ahmed (YP53-SINDH06), Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan (YP17-KP05) Ms. Shazia Batool Hazara (YP06-Balochistan04) and Mr. Ramiz Ali Malik (YP58-SINDH11) would like to call the attention of Honorable Youth Prime Minster & his cabinet towards the latest issue of petrol shortage in the Country. The Government should pay a quick attention to get masses out of this worst situation of fuel shortage.

Mr. Suneel Parwani (YP59-SINDH12) Mr. Ali Izhar Bajwa (YP22-PUNJAB03) Mr. Saffi Hussam (YP41-PUNJAB22) Syed Tassawur Mehdi Kazmi (YP10-GB02) would like to present the following resolution: "The House strongly condemns the publishing of offensive caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The house is of the opinion that disrespecting sacred and holy personalities, idols or scriptures is extremely unacceptable, reprehensible and distasteful. The house ardently believes that freedom of expression does not warrant hate speech directed at any particular individual or community based at the expense of their venerated beliefs. It is also urged that the government should devise a policy to take this issue up in protest at all relevant international forums."

Ms. Maria Malik (YP35-PUNJAB16) and Syed Tassawur Kazmi (YP10-GB02) would like to present a private member's bill on the Constitutional Status of Gilgit Baltistan.

Fifth Session

Ms. Amna Saeed (YP25-PUNJAB06), Syed Tassawur Kazmi (YP10-GB02), Mr. Irshad Ahmad (YP53-SINDH06) and Ms. Anum Tariq Khan (YP27-PUNJAB08) would like to move the following resolution: "This House is of the opinion that indirect taxes (General Sales Tax on commodities, Services tax) should be minimized as it affects the poor adversely, thus causing inflation; and progressive legislation (luxury taxes and sin taxes) be promoted for the even distribution of tax proportion within the country".

Syed Tassawur Mehdi Kazmi (YP10-GB02) Mr. Javed Ali Manwa (YP09-GB01) Mr. Ramiz A Malik (YP58-SINDH11) and Ms. Amna Saeed (YP25-PUNJAB06) would like to move the following resolution: "This House is of the opinion that National Testing Service (NTS) has been formed to earn and get money from the pockets of poor students & unemployed youth of the country in the name of Entry Tests & Employment Tests, and suggests the Federal Government to establish an organization that can provide the same service at cheaper rates."

Syed Tassawur Mehdi Kazmi (YP10-GB02) Mr. Javed Ali Manwa (YP09-GB01) Mr. Irshad Ahmad (YP53-SINDH06) and Ms. Maria Malik (YP35-PUNJAB16) would like to move the following resolution: "This House expresses deep concern over the move to roll back the constitutional rights guaranteed to people under the Gilgit-Baltistan Empowerment and Self Governance Order-2009, particularly on the appointment of Governor of Gilgit Baltistan. This House also believes that the whole Interim Government and Governor are selected on a political basis by violating rules and regulations paving way for pre-poll rigging in the upcoming GBLA Elections."

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